Rocket Lawyer Prenuptial Agreement Review

You don`t need to consult a lawyer to write a prenup contract, but prenuption agreements must be written to be valid. It is in your best interest to use a pregnancy agreement form that has been verified by a lawyer rather than completely recreating a form from scratch. Many people use legal forms of online prenuption to develop their agreements. Thank you for your evaluation and feedback, we are very happy that you had a positive experience not only with our product, but also with our customer service! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns at this point by emailing Have a good day. If you ask your accountant or lawyer, they`d probably say both of them, everybody. If you ask a family member or friend, you can hear another answer. If you ask someone who has gone through a difficult divorce, they will probably all say. Many people have opinions about prenups, but at the end of the day, it`s up to you and your future spouse to decide whether your marriage will benefit from a prenup agreement. I`m always going to refer them to Rocket`s lawyer. Customer service comes first, as does its services and documents made available to the public.

Not to mention pocket friendship. You can`t go wrong with the rocket lawyer!! They strive to improve and improve things for their customers. Love how informative and up-to-date they are on all aspects of documents. 5 stars all around!! When you enter your state of residence, you will be brought to forms and questions that specifically correspond to the laws in which you live. Not all of the prenup services we evaluated do, so that`s a plus for LawDepot. Before you even start creating the document, you can scroll through the page and see useful information. If you`re not sure if you need a prenupe, ask yourself if same-sex couples can use LawDepot`s agreement, or if you`re curious if a marriage deal can be cancelled, you`ll find it all. We were not very impressed to learn that “This book comes with a website.” Really, isn`t that the problem? Not having a website would be Nolo`s 1990s. All forms that come with the book are available online; The URL is in the first appendix of the book. And if there are updates to the information in the book, updates are published on this site.

It`s great – but other online services that offer marital agreements do it as an intrinsic part of what they offer; it`s not something you have to look for (if you happen to think about doing it). We did not appreciate the fact that LawDepot announced the creation of a marriage contract as free.