Target Vendor Agreement

Each business unit at Target has specific needs and requirements. The supplier diversification team has set itself the goal of identifying, connecting and supporting the various qualified and certified suppliers, which are inspired by Target`s retail or non-retail strategies. These companies must have at least 51% women, ethnic minorities, LGBT people, veterans or persons with disabilities controlled by women, ethnic minorities, LGBT people, veterans or people with disabilities. Through this program, Target is able to bring together a wide range of talent, perspectives and creativity. These collective attributes create improved workplaces, vibrant communities and an inclusive culture. The seller will take out this insurance before shipping the goods. The seller`s insurance obligations are maintained after the conclusion or termination of an order under the contract. The purchase of insurance and the provision of quotas do not limit the seller`s obligations under this obligation. The seller also undertakes to insure, on the basis of their cost and cost, the totality and real value of the retail sale of all goods that must be stored under the terms of the contract or another agreement between the buyer and the seller, including as a buyer. Buyers are generally held to a very strict level of sales volume that they must encounter, and that is why they are risk averse. Your role as a supplier or supplier is to convince them that shoppers who go into stores not only know what you are selling, but are actively looking for the product in store. Congratulations, you were received by one of the largest online retailers in the United States! Target has branches in all 50 states, with 75% of the population living within 10 miles of a destination.

The target third-party marketplace is fully integrated into its online store and provides suppliers with the validity and reliability customers expect from the Target brand. In addition, it can be an important step to get your products on physical shelves. To be accepted as a target supplier, you had to overcome the edcover competition and prove that your products can live up to the brand. Now you have one last requirement: provide an insurance certificate that meets the insurance requirements in your target credit policy. Our online vendor registration portal helps us quickly identify potential suppliers for certain purchasing opportunities. After registration, you will be automatically notified by email after completing the registration process. Watch out for your profile, as an incomplete profile can hinder the search for functions. We recommend that you access the portal regularly to update your profile. Note that a company is only contacted if its competency profile matches current purchasing needs.