Trade Agreement Valuation

(iii) In the context of the implementation of national policies or international agreements on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices; or 1. In order to facilitate trade and cooperate under this agreement to further facilitate trade on a multilateral basis, each party manages its import and export procedures for goods traded under this agreement, based, where possible, on Canada`s actions regarding the use of vessels in Canada`s coastal transportation; and three. The party acting under this section provides the other party with mutually agreed trade compensation in the form of concessions with substantially equivalent commercial effects or equivalent to the value of the additional rights arising from the measure. (i) promoting sales and marketing; Media advertising Advertising and market research; Advertising and demonstration materials Exhibitions; sales conferences, fairs and conventions; Banners; Marketing screens Free samples Sales, marketing and after-sales literature (product brochures, catalogues, specialized books, price lists, service manuals, sales aid information); Production and protection of logos and trademarks; Sponsorship; replenishment costs for wholesale and retail trade; Entertainment, h) Royalties are payments of any kind, including payments for technical assistance or similar agreements, made in return for the use or right to use copyright, literary, artistic or scientific work, patents, trademarks, designs, drawings, drawings or procedures, excluding payments made in connection with technical assistance or similar agreements that may be related to certain services , such as.B. 5. Each party ensures that the procedures and activities of its agencies that have import or export requirements have been and are maintained by the competent authority, either by itself or on its behalf, in order to facilitate trade. To this end, each party is taking steps to harmonize the data requirements of these agencies to allow importers and exporters to provide all the necessary data to a single border agency. 7. The Commission sets out its rules and procedures.

All Commission decisions are taken by mutual agreement. The agreement allows importing countries to exclude or exclude the legislation of importing countries from customs assessment: the WTO assessment agreement is officially referred to as the Agreement on the Implementation of Article VII of the 1994 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).