Veritas Rental Agreement

Well, the law does not impose the RMC, as far as I know… Unless there is something specific about the leases… You rent this property. You won`t own it until you make all the regular payments or you don`t use the early purchase option. You are not allowed to keep the property if you do not make the necessary payments or if you do not use the pre-purchase option. Subject to your deadlines and your rights to restitutio integrum, the landlord (Veritas and/or Agent) can recover the property if you do not pay the rents as planned. Your rights and obligations are explained in detail in this aircraft rental agreement. Stupid question….. It`s a rental contract, not a contract to miss the sale …. Did you return the instrument? At the tenant`s choice, all rental fees can be applied in writing to the purchase of the instrument, with the exception of the M-R or A-R fee and the turnover tax. No credit is given to the call option for payments that have received more than (5) five days of delay with no late fee. Any factory warranty that remains on a new instrument is transferred to the tenant at the time of the last payment. All costs must be paid in advance.

There is no fine. Tenants can purchase the instrument at any time. The purchase price of instruments can be determined by deducting the lease purchase price and deducting the “basic rent x month” and subtracting the prepayment discount (market variable) for prepayment. VAT is then added. Tenants who do not pay rent in a timely manner have the right to take over the original equipment lease without losing the rights or options previously acquired under the equipment lease, if the tenant immediately hands over the equipment to Veritas and/or agent upon request. The tenant has 90 days to apply for reinstatement. Before reintegration, it is necessary to pay all rents, M-R, A-R, late fees and, if necessary, delivery costs. If the initial equipment is not available at the time of reintroducation, the same quality devices will be replaced. The system is the main selling point for all seasonal contracts that are seasonal.

The system also interacts with other ailliat-based operations to facilitate the training and effective management of the affiliate network for Veritas. Our loss Damage Waiver Plus Maintenance Program (LDW) protects your rented aircraft from theft or damage that cannot be repaired. Just return the instrument to the affiliated retailer near you (see rental brochure distributed by your student`s musical teacher). If an on-site repair is not available, the device is redirected to VIR`s service centre for repair by certified instrument service experts. In some cases, lending instruments may be available.