Define Ambiguity Agreement

If the expression has been used in a writing instrument that can be understood in more than one sense, it is said that there is an ambiguity, 2. There are two types of word ambiguities, ambiguitas latens and ambiguitas patens. 3. The first shall occur when the instrument or instrument is sufficiently safe and unambiguous, but the ambiguity is generated by something extrinsic or incidental from the instrument; For example, if a man invents the property of his cousin A B and he has two cousins of that name, in this case, evidence from Parol will be obtained to explain the ambiguity. 4. The second ambiguity of patent law is present when a clause in an act, will or other act is formulated so erroneously that a court which is to construct the instrument is not in a position to grasp the intention of the party. In this case, no evidence of the party`s statement can be presented to explain its intention and the clause is void due to its uncertainty. In Pennsylvania, this rule is a bit qualified. 3 Binn. 587; Four Binn.

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1, 1. 4. As a general rule, if there is no evidence of fraud or misrepresentation between the parties, a court will allow the parties to rewrite the contract in order to resolve the vagueness. .