Vehicle Purchase Agreement Deposit

Later that day, in a subsequent conversation with the dealer, the seller told me that they had other people who wanted to see the vehicle and that I couldn`t really wait overnight to make a decision, but they could “pull it off the sale”, while the outstanding issues (engine repair confirmation, new validated service book and selling price of important services) were settled. if I left a deposit of £1500. I reluctantly agreed to do so because I thought the deposit would be refunded if we could not resolve the outstanding issues and had paid the deposit over the phone with a credit card Hello, my husband is physically disabled, I have Asperger`s (read more). We went to the Fiat dealer to see a particular car, but they didn`t have one, they charged us a refundable deposit of £200 and asked us to sign a form to bring a used Fiat Qubo from another garage to trial. At the time, we knew we were considering a purchase or the motability option. After the trial trip, we did the math and found that motability was the best option. When I informed them, they said that we could not return our deposit or rely on the advance payment of motability. Can they do it? Since then, I have discovered that Aspergers is not a gift, but a vulnerability, and the whole agreement has made me seriously ill. We always need the Qubo, so I have no choice but to visit the same garage to get the motability car. Hi Stuart, I paid a £300 deposit as part of a PCP deal for a new VW and cancelled the next day before the car was ordered.

Am I entitled to a deposit? Hi, Pete Hello Mike. Legally, they probably won`t have to pay your money back. The terms and conditions of your vehicle contract may allow you to cancel if the dealer is unable to deliver within 28 days of the stated delivery date, so a week of delay is not enough to trigger it. If you complain to the sales manager or merchant, you can get a refund and an apology. But you probably can`t ask for it from a legal point of view. I recently paid a £750 deposit for a used car at a car dealership and signed an order form. The transaction was carried out in the office of the car dealership….